Corporate Governance

This site provides Beryl8’s corporate governance information which is the foundation to create fairness, transparency, return, and added values for shareholders in the long run as well as create confidence in every stakeholder and promote the Company’s competitive capability for sustainable growth.

We are committed to managing our business consistent with the highest principles of business ethics and corporate governance requirements. We also monitor and evaluate the corporate governance practices and periodically review the guidelines to ensure their alignment with business operations and corporate governance practices at national level.

Anti-corruption CAC
Beryl8 has placed significant emphasis on countering corruption while encouraging its personnel at all levels to be aware of corruption in all forms. Director, Management Team, and Bery18 staff are prohibited from operating or accepting every type of corruption both in direct or indirect manner covering every business and related department. The Anti-corruption Policy is needed to be reviewed regularly, including with a possible revision of such policy and implementation provision in order to accord with business changes, Bery18 is committed to strengthen ethical behavior in all of our business activities company-wide. Also, we would like to expand our against-corruption intention by participating in The Private Sector Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption (CAC). The Declaration of Intent to join the Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption (CAC) has been signed by our authorized person on 14 November 2018.
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Whistle Blowing Gift Giving / Receiving Policy
Bery18 has established whistle-blowing system covering report channel, report-filing, verification, and summary of findings, together with protection of the whistleblowers and related parties. The purpose is to handle complaints, comments, or suggestions from stakeholders that are affected or potentially affected by the company’s business operation or conduct of its directors, executives, or employees resulting from law-breaking or violation of the code of conduct, as well as suspected corrupt practices. Affirming precisely that the information will be treated fairly and transparently, whistle-blowers can file a report through Bery18’s Whistle-blowing system: BeiyI8 wishes to express sincere appreciation for your great support as our business partners. The company highly values that a critical part of our success is operating our business based on honesty and integrity and to always comply with relevant laws and good corporate governance principles. We respectfully request your understanding and cooperation in supporting Bery18 people to conduct the business through fair competition and without conflicts of interest by acknowledging that company employees do not accept or give inappropriate Gifts or Entertainment. The Company has established Gift Giving/ Receiving Policy to ensure that gifts and hospitalities giving and accepting are done through a standardized process without any expectation of favorable treatment in return that may appear as malfeasance and corruption.
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