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The 3 Topics You Can’t Miss at Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit

The Marketing Nation Summit is next week. Filled with intriguing session titles and knowledgeable speakers, it will be an immersion in marketing technology. While the week promises to hold an overwhelming amount of information, here’s what will be the stand-out topics at the event.

Data-Obsessed Marketing 
With emerging technology like predictive analytics and marketing automation tools, it’s more crucial than ever for marketers to have a source of clean, consistent data. Whether it’s creating personalized content or increasing conversions, data is the driving force behind understanding how to do this.

Both Heidi Bullock, VP of Marketing at Marketo, and Earle Carlson, Director of Marketing Automation at Informatica, are hosting sessions on implementing data-driven marketing solutions.

ROI of Personalization
From video to e-mail, many session topics include how to create customized content. People are getting the hint that customers want to be treated like individuals rather than just a person who buys things from the company. The latest wave of demand from the customer’s side is that the companies they do business with understand them and market directly to their needs.

Don’t miss these video and website personalization sessions from Tyler Lessard, CMO of Vidyard, and Brian Glover, one of Marketo’s senior product marketing managers.

Effective Marketing Automation
As sales teams increase the efficiency of their sales cycles, the pressure is on marketing teams to fuel the funnel and keep up with the number of leads they generate. How is this demand going to be met while still providing the customization our customers are asking for? Automation.

Andy Schick, Director of Marketing Operations at Xero, and Jay Famico, the Technology and Services Practice Director at Sirius Decisions, are both hosting interesting looking sessions on marketing automation.

For a customer story that encompasses each of these topics, add this session to your agenda:

How James Hardie Implemented a Cutting Edge Lead Generation Machine
Demonstrating ROI from marketing efforts is a perennial hot topic. So when a company is willing to share the gritty details of a hard fought marketing victory, it’s guaranteed to be interesting.

Greg Moore, Marketing Services Director at Bluewolf, and Shari Hazlett, Delivery Manager at Bluewolf, will be sharing how James Hardie, a global building materials manufacturer, used lead-nurture programs to personalize their marketing and increase lead growth by 300%. Look for the session titled How James Hardie Implemented a Cutting Edge Lead Generation Machine in the Marketing Nation app.

For more information on preparing for Marketing Nation, check out our tip sheet and list of sessions.

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